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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
"Maybe I'll love it but find it a bit too demanding? Maybe it will be akin to the C10 Pro and N95 and Pure Control and not find it so very out of my zone or whatever? Maybe I'll be incapable of hitting three rally balls in a row? Maybe it will magically transport me into a different realm of aesthetic rapture and performance heights where all my past tennis playing wrongs can be righted?"

Poetry in motion, its like Shakespeare in tennis. Just try it, what the heck.
You know what I mean?! This thread is actually all about being a racketaholic. About loving checking out rackets. About the weird, geeky, OCD-ish love we all have and share in daily for this tennis racket malarky that occupies so much of our thoughts and deepest yearnings or whatever. If I ever start getting censorious and on people's backs - just give me a very sharp nudge, B.
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