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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
I'm well aware of all this.

Here's something that people often ignore about Connors: after his first year of dominance (1974), he then went 1-6 in his next 7 Grand Slam finals. And he wasn't just being dominated by a single opponent either, he was losing against everybody he faced;

1975 Aus - lost vs. Newcombe
1975 Wim - lost vs. Ashe
1975 US - lost vs. Orantes
1976 US - won vs. Borg
1977 Wim - lost vs. Borg
1977 US - lost vs. Vilas
1978 Wim - lost vs. Borg

And this was Connors' supposedly "dominant" period, when he was ranked No 1 for most of the time!

Given that red clay was his worst surface and Borg was winning most of the FOs in this period, it is highly unlikely he would have added an FO title. As shown above, he was largely incapable of winning the majors played on his favourite venues and surfaces.

So no, don't compare Connors' best 5 year spell to that of Sampras please.
In his best five years he won 5 of 12 majors for 41.7%. In Sampras' won he won 9 of 20 from 1993 to 1997 for 45%. In his best winning percentage years Sampras won 8 of 20 for 40%. It is comparable. Don't forget Connors won WCT in 1977 during that period which really was a major.
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