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The bids spiraled away from the 'Goodwill' range pretty fast on this one right from the start, but I was still surprised by how much interest it drew considering it's a bit of an undocumented alien Or maybe the 'undocumented' aspect of it is what was drawing all that interest in the first place, as Hans is postulating?

I've saved the listing pictures for future reference. I think fair-use allows me to append them here so that my post above won't become orphaned when the original listing is retired a couple of months from now. If the seller is reading this and doesn't agree with my interpretation of fair-use, please let me know.

Note the thicker gauge single-strung cross compared to the double-strung mains (I don't think it's an optical illusion). If there had been an effort to get around the Werner Fischer patent, perhaps this was one aspect of it as well?

Regardless, there is a LOT of plastic on this string bed. If I had to answer Retro's multiple choice question, my choice would have to be "E" - All of the above!
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