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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
Not going to bother arguing - I don't believe in this percentages bullsh*t.

Edit: just to say, thankfully, most tennis critics/historians/fans agree with me - that numbers of titles matter, not percentages. Sampras will be ranked well above Connors by most and deservedly so.
Whatever you want. Let's me ask you a question. Let's say I shoot free throws in basketball and I make 99 free throws. Let's say another person makes 98 free throws. Looks like I'm better, doesn't it? What happens if you found out that I made 99 out of 200 free throws and the other guy made 98 of 100? By your logic I'm better in free throw shooting.

No more mention of this from me.

Incidentally I never wrote Connors was better than Sampras.

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