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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
I came to the same conclusion about not dropping the racquet head below the contact, esp for E grip fh. it's good for hitting flat or topspin with flat trajectory (Fed) shots.
With a 100% passive wrist/forearm happens the gravity wins and the raquet head drop direction will be inevitably down... but, i think this doesn't mean we are forced to use muscles to control the position of the racket head during the drop, because the level of that dropping also depends on timing of the forearm/wrist relaxation.

If I start to swing forward when raquet head is still pointing up, gravity not win and the raquet head doesn't drop down too much, then i can hit horizontal with more penetration.

If i wait a fraction of second more...gravity wins and raquet head drops down and i can't hit horizontal otherwise the ball gets too high and goes long...
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