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Originally Posted by netguy View Post
My experience with 16g NRG2 was similar in a fullbed setup....once it started to fray I had 2 to 3 hours before breaking it.
Just to report back, I did get at least 5 more sessions out of it. It actually only finally broke today hitting wet, heavy balls on a moist court for a good while! This was the 1.24. So, a good bit longer than I thought!

Originally Posted by netguy View Post
I'm curious about your 17g syngut that lasted months....can you tell us a bit more about it?
Forten Sweet 17 in an MG Rad at 50 lbs. Also Gosen Micro 17/Forten 17 hybrid (yes, really, I like it!) in the Rad and Kblade 104, also 50 lbs. I'm a typical 4.5, all shots aggressive topspin, don't know why but never get less than a couple months out of a string job and almost always end up cutting them out before breaking. Even in an APDC, hybrids last interminably!
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