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Originally Posted by borg11 View Post
not in the same ballpark?


yeah, and the era was weak, andy roddick being a major proof for this theory. So, gs champion and multiple finalist (2002-2006) manages just one more gs final in remaining years on tour (2007-2012), or, as someone might add, in the strong era. Retires at the age of 30 (not 33) with no big injuries. I would say the era was weak.
It's safe to say that Roddick and Ferrer will not be mentioned as part of the same tier in terms of their career achievements when all is said and done.
32 titles for Roddick vs. 19 (and counting) for Ferrer
612-213 record for Roddick vs 500-248 (currently) for Ferrer
A major title and several finals + a handful of masters for Roddick

Most of their matches have occurred during or after 2007, at which point Roddick had already peaked and Ferrer, as a late bloomer, was just about to enter his, despite the similarities in their ages. There were no matches between them that occurred in 2003-2004 and only one in 2005, years when Roddick was truly in his prime.
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