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Originally Posted by wanda View Post
Love this thread so felt compelled to post. I (the wife made me sell my old rackets including 3 pro staff classics, 2 prestige pros, 2 radicals and a 6.1 kfactor. I am currently about to demo the steam 99s but am dreading the experimenting with stringing. It took me about 6 attempts to find my current setup of x-one biphase/big banger rough@46lbs in my head prestige mp. I'm not sure i (or my wallet) can take another experiment we will see...
Those are grounds for divorce there if ever I heard any.

Know exactly what you mean re 'experimenting with strings hell' (see also 'lead hell' elsewhere referenced in this thread.) Wish I could tell you otherwise but the 99s and strings is just one heck of a minefield area.

Glad you like the thread.
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