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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
Using the 105s, my strings are noticably notched after about 2 hours play, and after 4-6 hours they look like they could pop anytime. And the deeper they are notched, of course the harder they are to manually move the strings out of the notch to inspect.

I wonder if this deeper notching is part of the launch problem... if during a match with deeply notched strings, if you take an easier swing or a defensive swing without using a lot of topspin... maybe the strings are "locked" in the notch, giving a trampoline effect rather than the impact energy being put into moving the strings along out of place so they snap back? Newly strung un-notched strings slide easily, heavily notched strings do not slide without sufficient topspin applied?
worn strings don't provide as much spin as new strings because the string bed surface is 'flatter' because the crosses are 'sinking' into the mains due to notching. in other words, the raised ridges at the intersection of the mains & crosses are less pronounced and therefore the stringbed isn't able to grab the ball as well. the same reason why worn tires don't grip or bite as well in the snow as new tires.

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