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Default Volkl C10 Pro's flex

I just ordered a used C10 Pro raquet from TW (2010, all Yellow).

I'm a six one 95 user, but find the racquet a bit too stiff for my arm, particularly when volleying a lot. So I bought the C10 Pro based on many reviewers praising its comfort.

The problem is the flex rating goes from 59, 63 and even 65 depending on which site you look at. (65 is from TW lab.)

My 6.1 95 is listed as 66-68 (again, according to different sources), so I'm wondering what to expect from the C10 Pro when I get it. And yeah, I know, I should wait to get it and see for myself... but I've heard some much praise for the flex and comfort of this racquet, and I can't imagine that a 3-4 flex rating difference can make such a difference.

Anyone who tried both racquets (or just the C10 Pro) car to weigh in? Thanks.
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