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Originally Posted by Doubles View Post
The difference between 90 and 95 is negligible. Furthermore, the dense string pattern is more similar than that of the open 6.1 90.

To me, 14 oz. wood rackets still feel lighter than my 12 oz. Prestige Pros, which is why I feel the PSL is similar. With that said, racket taste is completely subjective.
If that were really true, everyone would be using 90s and not 95s. There is a BIG difference between a 90 and a 95, IMO.

And I don't understand how a 14 oz. racquet can possibly feel lighter to you than a 12 oz. racquet. A 14 oz. wood racquet feels like a club in my hand, whereas a 12 oz. modern racquet feels like a fly swatter in my hand by comparison. Did you just hold the wood racquet or did you actually play 5 hours with it?
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