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Originally Posted by beast of mallorca View Post
Really ? Link please.
I've heard a lot about this new phenom. Have not seen him play tho'. Good catch for their new company.
Commentators mentioned it here.

Could look for a link though


According to those they're about to sign, but they're from yesterday.

In Marca:

Nadal "I think Garín is a player with very, very good prospects. He has evidently done a very good tournament". "It's also true that you always have to keep your feet on the ground. From here, from the press, from all the people from Chile, you've got to help him. The main thing is that he surrounds himself with people, like I said the other day, who give him positive things, who give him good examples. And that he keeps the enthusiasm and the motivation to keep improving every day".

About the contract: "Carlos Costa would have to talk more about that, I am focused on my tournament, that is what I've come here to do, to play tennis, and for that Carlos is there, he is who handles those things".

In Emol they say Garín confirmed the info, and that it should help him get invitations to ATP tournaments.
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