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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
Jasper dahlback: great producer, but saw him live last year in marbella and wasnt too happy about his live set..
It's Jesper... but, yeah, he's done some gems over the years. His stuff with Thomas Krome was his prime imo (as Dahlback & Krome).

So far a Richie Hawtin goes - he has definitely crossed into the artsy artist category. While he might rock at what he does in recent years I reckon he's often moved too far from what made him a great DJ in his sets, instead playing sets which are bordering on showcases for the technology he's using and pushing the entertainment aspect down the list. He's rocked many places but has also killed lots of parties too by being too showcase-y and bland.

Derrick May would still hold the techno crown for me. He plays a lot of house but, for pure techno genius in DJing, his peak is pretty much unbeatable... well, Jeff Mills has his moments too but is on a different tip.
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