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I don't think that has anything to do with any press reviews. It's from the press conference after the match.

Some quotes:

"The knee is still bothering me, but you have to face adversity with the best possible face and look forward to keep working and enjoy what I like the most, to play tennis"

"A week ago we didn't know how the body would respond"

"At least now I know we can compete at a certain level. I think that was a positive week"

"I will try to keep improving my physical sensations day by day, which is the most important thing because I don't feel that my tennis level is bad. I need more time on court."

"I was two points away from winning the title, but I said from first day that the result was not the most important thing, although I would've liked to win"

"To win four matches in a row is good news for me."
""If doesn't exist in sport. If never comes. You have to do it" Nadal
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