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Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
Yes, that makes her a better player. Rankings are irrelevant if one cannot win the most important titles in the sport. This is the reason Safina's infamous preference of the #1 rank over a major made her one of tennis history's most idiotic players, and was and remains deserving of world wide criticism.
ok, let's play a trivia game:

Who is a better player (I've modified the stats to make players more anonymous :

player A; win/loss 380-192 (66%), titles 15, highest ranking; top 3, no slam win, 5 master titles

player B: win/loss 415-247 (63%), titles 10, highest ranking: top 3, one slam win, 1 master title

player C: win/loss 500-250 (66%), titles 19, highest ranking: top 5, no slam, 1 master title

player D: win/loss 360-292 (55%), titles 9, highest ranking inside top 10, one slam win, 1 master title

could you rank them?
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