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Originally Posted by realthing88 View Post
The general public sale will start on Wednesday 02.13 , around 7 -8 am (GMT+1)

Prices here:
Category 1 seats on Chatrier for a first round match are 90 euros...

From April til the end of the tournament you can buy and sell tickets at face value on the Viagogo exchange platform:

I bought and sold loads of tickets through the exchange platform last year and the year before, it's totally secure, very practical ( you receive an e-ticket via e-mail) and I always managed to find the tickets I wanted ( even for the 2011 final )...
FYI Cat 1 seats for just about ANY of the days are just about gone already - some single seats here and there.

Go ahead and visit the FFT site or the RG site and follow the link.......FFT members and locals already had their Pre-Sales - and see what's left - LOG ON EARLY as you will be fighting all non FFT folks globally and any premium seats that are left go within the first hour.

We are FFT members and I bought 4 tkts for each day for each venue - and we buy the Box seats in blocks - if any are not needed I post in VIAGOGO and they sell within minutes - I then get my refund from the FFT about 2 weeks after the event - works great.

If you don't like what you see in a few weeks the VIAGOGO site opens up - again you will create a password and log in account - all the unwanted seats and extra seats are posted there for resale.

Also note that ALL SEATS that are resold on VIAGOGO are FACE VALUE.....your not getting ripped off or paying any scalper fees (cannot scalp RG tkts anyway as each tkt will have a name and ID info printed on it).

VIAGOGO is a great way to find good seats - again all the prices are face value - there is a very very small service fee for VIAGOGO like 10.
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