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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
what matters is what is going on at contact.
he is shifting to the left during the shot but...

look at his legs. they are bent and behind the ball. during the sequence up to contact he's pushed off and fowward going up and through at contact. his body has risen in a forward direction. contact is made in a square position with his chest facing the net. he is pushing off his toes and his feet are pointed forward at contact. his body has moved forward. not back.
look at his hip postions. it rotates forward and thru during contact. it's not moving back.
look at the shoulder positions. it's behind contact at the start. it moves forward and thru the point of contact.
he has long extension with arm and racquet pointed out forward.
both of his knees have moved forward from the starting position.
This is all weight transfer forward into the ball... while rotating.

Then after contact he continues rotating and spins around. This does not affect the ball.

That is a nice analysis. I see it the same way.
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