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Originally Posted by borg11 View Post
I don't even think that Ferrer is better hard courter than Roddick. I just don't think that someone can have 7:4 h2h, without being on the same level as his opponent. It just doesn't make sense.

If u look it up, I enlisted almost every advantage Roddick has over Ferrer.
Roddick, in his prime, was twice the player Ferrer ever has been. In 2003, Roddick one Montreal, Cincinnati, and the US Open back to to back. That is 19 consecutive victories on the masters and GS level. This something neither Federer nor the strong era boys have ever been able to accomplish in the American summer HC events. He actually displayed an outstanding amount of competence on his favorite surfaces like USO/Wimbledon, something Ferrer has never been able to do on any surface.

So, yes, Roddick is a far superior player than Ferrer despite the h2h. Using h2h as a benchmark would lead to ridiculous conclusions. Do you think Safin is not much better than Santoro? He is 2-7 in h2h.
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