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Originally Posted by big ted View Post
connors has said similar things not about nadal, but in general. if you take off 6 months, not only are you 6 months behind but the others are 6 months ahead so youre really a year behind.

i think nadal seemed a little tentative and seemed to lack intensity except towards the very end but it was too late. he seems to be pacing himself and not putting too much pressure on himself too soon which is good
Yeah, but it's not a mathematical formula either. Though if it was, should we be seeing Delpo right about now beginning to play at the level he was before?.

Three, four months is really not that much. It may well be that Rafa has come back now even with pain because he doesn't think he can afford any more time out if he wants to try to win RG.

Agree Vero that his timing being somewhat off was quite clear. His fitness is lacking also... both things one would very much expect after seven months.
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