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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
Which one fits closer to the 308s? I like the 308 alot and the black model will continue in 2013. I just bought my second red pair because its on sale and it fits great in my feet. But, one of the old pairs inner soles does not fit so nice maybe its the wear and tear.
Sorry, it was a jumble of words.

Anyway, I said I liked both the way they look, but have not used either, so I'm looking for some feedback on the fit of both before I buy either.

I have used 3 pairs of SHT 308 last year, 2 red ones and one black, the reds are beautiful, even the ladies like it.

If I have to buy one of them I'd probably buy the light in turquoise color first, I can't go wrong with Yonex.

Im getting the new pro bag as well, blue one looks terrific, they seem to stand upright more than the older ones, so i guess they fixed the problem, or tried.
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