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Originally Posted by dafinch View Post
I'm about as far from a Murray fan as you can get, and I definitely think his win was a fluke because of the extreme conditions and him having an extra day's rest compared to Nole
So if Djokovic had won that match would that too have been a fluke? After all, he was playing in the same extreme conditions. Why should they only favour Murray and not him?

As for the extra day's rest, Murray had a tough match against Berdych in his semi (in which the conditions probably forced HIM to drop the 1st set) while Djokovic had a stroll in the park (as usual) in his semi against Ferrer (after it initially got cancelled because of the weather). And by the way, Murray was the one who was forced to play a 2 day semi-final against Nadal in 2008 because of the weather and then had only a day to rest before playing a 2 day rested Federer in the final. Did that mean Federer's win was a fluke because he had one more day to rest than Murray did?

Originally Posted by dafinch View Post
but putting an * by his name is stupid, if that's a serious remark and not sarcasm.
This is the only part of your post that makes any sense!
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