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Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
You are dancing around your original point:

That was your point--centering on the major-less Wozniacki based on stats which are meaningless compared to the main reason to play pro tennis.

Any player failing to do that is wasting their time.
I'm not sure why you say I'm dancing around anything. I have noted that I do not believe that winning a slam is the only thing that makes/breaks one's tennis career (I hope you detected sarcasm in my previous posts). To state my point I have compared stats of few players that indeed did win a slam versus Wozniacki's stats. You keep saying that despite significantly better stats on Wozniacki side the other players are still better - because they won a slam.

So to remove emotional attachment to names I have asked you to just rate the players based solely on stats - just to see if you indeed would rate slam-less ones below those that did win a slam. I'm still waiting.

If no-slam results are meaningless - why do we have year round WTA and ATP tour? Let them just play four times a year and call it a day.
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