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Fed04-06: You love how I cite numbers?? I love how you ignore the more relevant ones and focus on those that you think you can re-shape to bolster your weak case. What's with all the attention on Roddick's and GI's clay court results? The clay court action was the least important part of my comparison. My interest in GI as an opponent for Sampras has little to do with clay-court results--you know as well as I do that the likelihood of them having met in a late round at the French was remote at best. And I love how you claim that AR's good results in Rome were flukes. Naturally, GI's successes on clay were all well-earned victories. If you want to prove (and I do mean prove, not offer up one unsubstantiated opinion after another), that GI was better than the stats suggest, turn your attention to his mediocre hard-court record.
Speaking of idiotic statements, your claim that GI would have won more tournaments had Sampras and Agassi not been around is a classic. Do I have to explain it to you, or can you work it out for yourself?
If you believe there are some valid points to be made by examining details of various players' careers, do not ask me to look up the information and present it. YOU DO IT.
I have no idea where you're even pulling those surface stats from. Give me the website you're pulling them from and I'll be glad to post them here.

The point is, Ivanisevic isn't even close to being the most one-dimensional Top 10 player in history. That was an incredibly ignorant, idiotic statement.

You're the one who made the extreme claim, and you have yet to go through all the Top 10 players in history and show how Ivanisevic is somehow more one-dimensional than them. You can not be asked to prove a negative. You made the claim, it's your responsibility to back it up.

Roddick's clay court results do not compare to Ivanisevic's overall. Winning percentage means nothing in this case. Goran kept showing up in plenty of clay events even after he was past his prime. Roddick, even in his prime, was doing his best to duck playing on clay.

When talking about who is more "one-dimensional," bringing up how they perform on different surfaces is kind of part of the argument. You're clearly one of those clueless *******s who thinks Ivanisevic was some sort of Karlovic/Isner clone - nothing but a serve - who somehow got to #2 in the world and finished Top 10 6 years in a row.
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