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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
I don't know these coaches so cannot reccommend. There's a few that I like what they have done with their players. Brad Gilbert, Peter Lundgren, David Nainkin. Maybe they can give you some thoughts. They know a lot more than any of us on these boards.
Know more about developing a jr then me ? I would question that , as for Gilbert he has my highest respect , Lundgren is solid , but my question is what thoughts are they gonna give me ?

If I wanted DB no.1 in the nation it can happen with in a few month and could have happened last year not gonna chase the points , know he is at the top level as a Jr and the only thing that would prove it to everyone here would spend the money playing ITF and have him go out and beat all the so called top players which does not interest me .

This is not rocket science it a process we seem to have a good handle on .

but please give me and idea of what they would say?

Take TCF never has put a video up of any player he has built , wont show his daughter hitting a ball , everything he has said about my kid has fallen way short of his prediction and most on here call him an expert and say his daughter is talented "WE HAVENT SEEN HER " so I am sure you can understand why I am reluctant to hear what most advise on here ?
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