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Personally, I really like this string.i know some guys have noted very fast tension lost, but tracking with RT this doesn't seem to be the case any more than other polys. Perhaps what they mean is it has a fast initial tension loss, which may very well be true. In my frame (99S) if I measure the stringbed right after stringing at 65 lb (within first hour) it's around 48, an hour or so hitting with it and its around 45 and it will slooooooooowly drop down from there. After about 12 sets, it will be 40-41, which I find too loose so it's time to restring. I don't consider the RT readings necessarily numerically accurate, but they definitely show stringbed changes.

As noted in other threads, I use hand lotion on the strings to get them to last longer as the strings will break sooner without it.

TW reviewed this string last month and gave it pretty high marks. So, IMO, this is a good string regardless of price. But, at $34.95 a reel, it has to be one of the very best values out there.

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