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Originally Posted by THESEXPISTOL View Post
Just as i thought, people that stick with something that works don't generally visit this section of the forum...
No, it's because those people actually know what a proper racquet that fits the individual can do. So when they tell the other idiots to look beyond "the latest and greatest" technology, they get thrown out.

Racquet = Wilson Six.One BLX Tour 90
Tried the new Pro Staff BLX 90 for kicks and giggles. Not enough of a difference to warrant a change.

Strings = Natural gut 16/MSV Co-Focus 1.18

Grip = Wilson Pro Overgrip over leather.
If they stop making the Pro Overgrip, I'm going to throw a fit.

Dampening = Hates it.

Bag = Don't really care as long as it's not stupidly designed.

Apparel = Usually wears Nike stuff and Vapors, but have been known to rock Under Armor compression shirts, and their Coldgear stuff long sleeve stuff when it's cold at night. Double socked since 20oz. stopped being $0.99.

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