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To those who insist that the courts in the four majors play more or less similarly, explain the following:
1 Why did Andy Roddick reach just the 4th rnd at the French, and then only once, yet succeeded in reaching the QFs or better 19 times at the other three?
2 Why did Tim Henman, from 2001 to 2004, reach three SFs and one QF at Wimbledon, yet succeeded in going beyond the 4th rnd at other majors only in2004?
3 Why did Coria reach the 4th rnd only once at Wimbledon, but made the QFs or better four times at the others?
4 Carlos Moya, from 2003 to his retirement, played Wimbledon only twice, once reaching the 4th rnd. In the other majors, he reached the QFs four times.
5 Davydenko has reached the 4th rnd at Wimbledon only once, but at the other three majors, he's reached the QFs or better ten times.
6 David Ferrer has reached one QF at Wimbledon. At the other three, he's reached ten QFs or better.
7 Del Potro has done no better than two 4ths at Wimbledon, but at the others he has reached the QFs or better seven times.

Obviously the changes made to court surfaces, Wimbledon in particular, have had some effect but it appears that that effect is being exaggerated by those who fail to appreciate the high level of tennis produced by today's top players.
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