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Originally Posted by DaveKB View Post
I am rare poster here, but follow college tennis and UVA tennis closely. UVA will finally win the NCAA's as well. USC has owned us for 4 years, although we played them close a couple of times, but with Steve Johnson and Daniel Nguyen gone, USC is not nearly as good. I think only OSU has any chance to beat us and Rola and Kobelt have to win for that to happen.

We have four legit top ten players in Domijan currently tied for #2, Jenkins #4, Styslinger #7 and Mitchell Frank (#2 after end of 2011 season) who is now healthy after a knee injury prevented him from playing in the fall season. Freshman Ryan Shane (Justin's younger brother) is ranked #22.

We have three different outdoor All American and/or National indoor individual title winners in Domijan, Frank, and Jenkins. No other top 10 team has even one such player. Ryan Shane will likely play 5 and Justin Shane 6. Last year's #6 Julen Uriguen probably will be listed at 7 or 8 along with freshman Harrison Richmond.

I seriously doubt any college team has ever had 4 top 10 players on one team. Does anyone know if this is true? I know it has not happened in the last ten years.

I predict four UVA wins each by 4-0 scores, but we conceivably could lose a doubles point, even though we do have three doubles teams ranked in the top 10.

Anyone care to dispute this bold prediction?
Glad to have another UVa poster on here. Some of us Hoo fans on here, also frequently post on the Sabre (I'm Hoosbro on there). You should think about checking out that site too.

I like your prediction, but I just can't see it playing out this smoothly.

I think Domo, J, and Mitchell make one of the best top 3's in recent history. Justin Shane at #5 or #6 is great and I think Mac will look good at #4 and hopefully be successful, but I think it is way too early to instill a ton of confidence in Ryan Shane.

Consistent and reliable doubles pairings may also take a bit longer to develop.

One other main point I want to make is that by the time May rolls around, there are going to be numerous teams that have pieced together top-notch lineups and are ready to roll. UCLA, Ohio State, Pepperdine, Duke, and USC are 5 teams I think may have the ability to beat us. We will probably have to go through 2 of these teams in the tournament.

I love this team and the talent we have, but a lot of factors go into winning a title. I just hope we peak and can control all these factors come May.

Keep posting!
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