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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
No you mean he will go back to his normal level. One and done guys never repeat these type of performances again, and this dude will be no different.

I also think Nadal makes it really easy for these kind of players to get wins over him by hitting short and being lousy on the ros. Zebs does not get a win over Djesus, Fed, or Murray no matter how he plays because all of those guys are better players than Nadal is.
if they were out of action for 8 months they would have a decent chance of losing to someone like Zeb. And Murray isn't better than Nadal.Currently he is because Nadal has been out of action but otherwise he isn't in the same class, and even Djokovic has a way to go to be on the same historic level as Nadal. But Nadal is definitely better than Murray- even on Murray's best surface, Nadal has more slams.
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