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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
OK so I am down to this......

My budget is $250-350 and I have narrowed it down to these choices:

-Google Nexus 7
-Refurb Ipad 2
-Refurb Galaxy Tab 2
-Refurb Acer Iconia A210

anyone try any of these? The Nexus 7 gets glowing reviews from everywhere. My only concern is the smaller screen size. I mostly use my tablet at home to surf and post to this forum The Galaxy Tab2 gets medicre reviews and most sites believe it wasn't much of an upgrade from the original. And the Ipad2 we all know is a proven winner.
If your budget goes up to $ 350 and you think the Ipad 2 is a proven winner, why not go for the Ipad mini? Ipad Mini's start at $329. Just like the Ipad 2, the screen is unimpressive now due to all the retina displays out there, but it does have a more pixel dense screen since it's display is 1.8 inch smaller than a normal Ipad 2. Both Ipad Mini and 2 use the same 2011 A5 processor. Check it out (

Honestly, a smaller screen is not a bad thing. I really liked the new Ipad mini. I have always found the Ipad to be bulky and uncomfortable to use, personally.
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