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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
Did you find it at a local tennis shop (since paying tax was involved)?

In this video when Irvin pulls at 2:55, it looks like the knot doesn't stress the grommet too much. Would the same grommet be able to take this method many times without a problem, is it stressing the frame at all? As he would continue stringing down the racquet, would it pull the knot in deeper (any worse that using a starting clamp would)?
Nope I picked it direct from Eagnas, that was they were still $16, now they are $26.

It depends on the grommet. I've seen a couple of new racket that were strung like that and the grommet pushed out. I guess it was the stringer's fault for not being careful it did not happen, but it did.

With a starting clamp you don't put any stress on the grommet. For one reason, it's a tie off hole. Second, the starting clamp rests on the bumper guard. Third, in order to release the starting clamp you pull tension, then clamp the cross then tie off, just like the end of the crosses.
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