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MichaelNadal will NOT do that. He is a gem of a guy and I rarely say such words about an anonymous internet poster. He wouldn't start a thread with the intention of hurting anyone, let alone Roger fans. I think he is asking a genuine question
The only reason MichaelRalph praises Fed is because it makes Ralph look better than he actually is, afterall Ralph made fame and fortune by beating the GOAT. It's quite disingenuous,don't fall for it.

Yea,he's better than some of the hardcore *********s like *** but a gem? Please. Calling Djokovic a gorilla while he was thrashing his idol black n blue in that stretch in 2011 isn't a trait of a gem. I saw him in the pro-match results section while Ralph was getting beaten in that famous 2011 stretch, all he posted was garbage about Djokovic, I'm sure there are more who remember it.

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