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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
Look, the dude had opportunities to win the US Open on three surfaces and couldn't. Stop with this "he would probably have won many". There's no reason to believe that whatsoever.
74 , it was on grass, surely you wouldn't expect him to win there at that age ?

Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
From what I know of the two players, I agree. And Borg proved it in Wimbledon finals. But couldn't handle the atmosphere of winning the US Open against a home favourite, thus lost. This is a psychological flaw in his makeup which I feel you are ignoring.
again, it had nothing to do with home favorite ... (pc1 already has given the example of panntta and rome 78 )

he didn't have a problem in shredding connors' game to pieces in USO 1981 - dominated him winning in straights .. ( connors took the winner mac to a close 5-setter in 1980 in the semis and would go onto win 82 and 83 USOs )

also FYI, he defeated stockton in 79 USO & tanner in 80 & 81 USO

connors was better than him on har-tru in 75 clearly and a bit better in 76 ... borg was injured in 77 and had to retire ... it was one set all when he retired its not like he retired because he was losing or anything like that

had injury in 78 final as well ...though I don't agree with pc1 that borg would've comprehensively beaten him if he wasn't injured ....

If it had remained on har-tru, he would've easily have won more than one USO IMO ...

he was good enough to win atleast one on fast HC as well ... just that he was unlucky there ...just as he got lucky to win wimby 5 times in a row ...
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