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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Yeah, exactly. That's why I'm not sure what Cheetah's talking about exactly.
actually i think he's agreeing with me.

there is no pull back on a good fh. good hitters are concerned with leverage, extension and momentum. all of that is forward. look at all the pics. these guys are putting forward energy into the ball on an arc. they don't pull back. the racquet goes around because they are loose. where else could it go? they are swinging across their body. that doesn't mean they are pulling back. The only pic i've seen of someone pulling back is the student there in oscar's video and you can tell he does not swing like any player you can see above 5.0. certainly not a pro anyway. he has no extension into the ball. his arm is cramped into his body from pulling back. his body is falling back. he's off balance. his left leg is pointed to the left fence. when do you ever see that? never.
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