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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
You're going to need to try the shoes on yourself to see which are best, as others have previously noted.

Because there's a wide range of foot sizes and issues there's no such thing as a "best" shoe. Some shoes that are very well made and beloved I can't wear because they kill my feet.

I'm partial to Yonex shoes because I have a wider forefoot but normal heel. After bad experiences with Nike shoes pinching my feet I haven't worn them in a while, but I understand there's a fair amount of last variance among the current Nike lineup.
My problem is local availability. Even though I live in "Tennis Town USA", finding tennis shoes around here is quite difficult. The club seems to really want to sell me K-Swiss', Wilson's, Prince's and Babolat's. I know they have a Barricade, so I'll try that on Wednesday, and I'm hoping they might still have a Feather and a CB around as well. The City I hope will fit like my current one, but if I don't find any shoes at the tennis center, I have to drive about 40 minutes to the Nike and Adidas outlets, or an hour to a Sports Authority that carries the City Courts.

But as far as Asics and Yonex, I pretty much have no shot at trying them on without ordering first.

Originally Posted by vandre View Post
not really a commercial for tw, but i know that if you order from tw, they're always very good about accepting shoe returns IF you don't wear them on court (i.e. don't play in them for 15 sets and then send them back). just walk around your house with them on and you should be safe since your babolats didn't work for that either. if they're comfortable to walk around your house in they should be good to play in. if fact, if you wanted to shoot the moon, order everything on your list and try them all in the confines of your house and keep the pair that fits the best is as most comfortable. i have good luck with the feathers but i have narrow feet.
I love the TW customer service, but A) I would feel like an *** buying 5 pair of shoes and returning 4 and B) can't really afford to go buy them all at once anyway. Thanks for the vote on the feathers. Think they may still end up the winners.
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