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I tried PTP, at 56 thinking the softer string would have more dwelltime in the stringbed, giving a softer feeling.

I was wrong.

For me, it was lowpowered, i had to really swing at about 90% power for it to hit deep in the court.
The spin was mediocre.
The crosses started moving, and notching(because they have equal force, they both cut into eachother).
Because this frame "eats" strings, you really have to have a softer main then cross, or else it will play like "****".

I just thought of something, with my setup, the snapback becomes more of an slideback, cause the mains slide back to place.

If you use a cross that is softer then the main, it might cut the other way, and the mains will either "snap" back, or notch.

If someone has the time to test it out, report back to me

Need to buy myself a second 99s...

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