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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Rare - Interesting set up ^. What are your thoughts re PTP as a full job?

syke - What tension here please with the PTP?
So far I have tried 4 different strings on the 99S (all strung at 54 lbs).
Technifibre Black Code - Good spin & feel but poor tension maintenance & it notches way too fast. A liitle too powerful for my liking. Broke in the 5 hours mark.

PolyTour Spin - Good spin, nice pop, great feel. Better than BC in terms of durability, but not by much.

PolyTour Pro - Moderate spin. PTS has better pop and feel. Power is just right. Although it may not the best in any department, it is consistent and predictable. Durability is pretty good after 2 hours (in comparision with the other 3 strings)

Gosen Polylon - Didn't like the feel of it. It simply didn't bring out the racquet's characteristics. They were cut out after 2 hours.
Pacific X Force Modified (333g/5HL/333SW) + Solinco Tourbite 19 (1.10)

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