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Originally Posted by bjsnider View Post
If the ball is really high you'll see players with 2hbh jump into the shot, which is quite devastating.
Gasquet also does a jumping 1hbh, he hit a winner off a Nadal forehand in Monte Carlo using it.

As for how chin ups will help with the 1hbh - they strengthen the posterior shoulder musculature as well as the lats. Both of these help to adduct and extend the arm, which are actions that occur in the 1hbh.

If all these people complaining how hard it is to hit a high 1hbh were doing chin-ups with an additional 140lbs tied around their waist, I wonder how hard they would find to hit a high 1hbh. My guess is nowhere near as hard as they are currently finding it.

Tennis players are always going on about how they shouldn't touch weights, but you can get stronger without getting heavier.
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