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Originally Posted by Steve0904 View Post
Yeah that was BP. He's a bit strange anyway. But seriously, which matchup would you say is most exciting? Nothing beats Fed-Nadal for shotmaking IMO, even though on most courts the result is obvious.
imo djokovic/federer. but i do appreciate each and every one of top 4 matchups for what they are, with Murray/djokovic to a lesser extent.
but people got suck up into fedal rivalry and it's a done deal for them when discussing various topics.
nevermind that djokovic/federer can provide equal if not better shotmaking (again imo), nevermind that rafa and novak already played the most matches between them, nevermind that fedal matches have been terribly one sided for the most part.
fedal rivalry was sold to them and people bought it, and its been peek of what tennis can do/offer ever since. even tho that isn't the truth.
so heaven forbid that something breaks that barrier or, even worse, god forbid that federer retires. I bet that 50% of casual fans will stop watching tennis all together because they invest their time watching their favorite and not the sport itself. those are ones that preech how tennis gonna die once federer retires, those are ones who boycott finals because x player is not in them.
anyhow sorry for going a bit off topic but the whole point was that the people already formed their opinion before even thinking of the subject and that most are terribly biased. its not a crime afterall, to each his own.
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