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Originally Posted by xan View Post
imo djokovic/federer. but i do appreciate each and every one of top 4 matchups for what they are, with Murray/djokovic to a lesser extent.
but people got suck up into fedal rivalry and it's a done deal for them when discussing various topics.
nevermind that djokovic/federer can provide equal if not better shotmaking (again imo), nevermind that rafa and novak already played the most matches between them, nevermind that fedal matches have been terribly one sided for the most part.
fedal rivalry was sold to them and people bought it, and its been peek of what tennis can do/offer ever since. even tho that isn't the truth.
Yeah maybe you are right and Fed-Nole can provide equally good shotmaking. I like how they match-up. But I disagree with you when you downgrade Fed-Nadal rivalry. Their match provided great opposition of style, like Fed-Nole, BUT they took place in a better context. At the beginning, it was the story of Fed trying to complete the Grand Slam and trying to dominate every surfaces, only to be prevented by Nadal. After RG 2008 and the humiliation Nadal inflicted to Fed, it was to put Nadal back in his place at Wimbledon. It didn't happened (after the best match scenario). Nadal replaced Fed at the top of the ranking. He defeated once again Fed in Australia, on hard court, where the old king was still a favorite.

In comparison, what is the story of the rivalry between Fed and Nole? During the first part of it, 2007-2009, the history of tennis was written by Fed and Nadal. In 2010, by Nadal alone: this year didn't had any interesting rivalry. in 2011, it was Nadal and Nole who mattered. In 2012 it was two evenly divided between the top guy for a real rivalry to exist.

The best year of tennis from a story point of view were 2005-2009, and Djokovic was a supporting character in it.
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