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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
yeah I mean what made those guys born in NYC or even Canada (Hawtin or AD) make the move to detroit?
The three super dj's at the time may-mills-saunderson made it famous because they're from detroit or was it just a coincidence?
what was so special at that time in that city to make that techno sound so popular?..
It's because Detroit was the birth place of techno. The term itself has also become a signifier when describing music that it's of a certain style or attitude - the Detroit style - which was typified by certain synths, drum machines and DJing styles in particular. This also helps distinguish it from other styles like minimal techno which was popularised mainly by German clubs/producers a couple of years back (even if it wasn't their idea - it's also a Detroit thing).

As techno branched out around the world it was adopted in other scenes and they had their own sound - some more synthy, some harder etc... It seems to be common to use Detroit techno as the measuring stick by which the others are measured. Also, some of the biggest proponents of Detroit techno aren't even from Detroit - Orlando Voorn for example or Technasia (more for his earlier work than recent stuff).
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