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Originally Posted by hyperion99 View Post
Looking to get the New Balance MC 996 2E(I have a 2E feet)shoes.
Does anybody have any opinions about this shoe?

Are they comfortable?
Do they last a while?
Do they have good traction?
Are they good for both hard&clay?
Do they have good arch support?
Is there any other NB shoe that you think is better?

Thanks in advance.
I recently had the regular width version of the shoe and my first impressions were great when I first slipped them on. Unfortunately all my hope and dreams went away after only using them for a week.


Low to the ground
Decent traction
Decent Stability

Lack of forefoot cushioning
The outsole starting showing a sign of a hole within a week of play.
No arch support.

New Balance is not a durable shoe. I would look elsewhere like Prince T22 or a K-Swiss shoe if you need something for wide feet.
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