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swap, I can see your points. There is definitely a market for the mid major teams. My biggest point of contention with your post was saying, in a blanket statement, that "D1 was where its at". I suppose both our our arguments could be supported based on what a particular player is looking for. Case in point, my son has a friend on that UT-San Antonio team you previously mentioned and he could not be happier. He was a solid 3* kid who probably was looking at upper level D3 and decided to go mid major D1. It's worked out well for him. However, I can show you plenty of other kids who ended up at mid major directionals just for the "D1 experience". These kids almost always bail after a year or two because a lot of the time these programs have terrible facilities, poor coaching, and lackluster school and student support. I realize it doesn't always happen but a quick glance through the history of OVC, Horizon, and Southland rosters will prove me right. On the other hand, many of these same kids dismiss D3 schools where they could receive a phenomenal education, play in excellent facilities, receive great coaching, and enjoy full administration support. From a talent standpoint, many of the best D3 kids turned down big D1 offers. Many others, turned down mid major and D2 offers. In the end, it just depends on the individual player and their wants. My son, chose to go D3 primarily because of the things you mentioned. A chance to play for a nat'l title, individual awards, etc... I will admit, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning. It took some on campus visits to sway me. However, when you compare the teams and facilities of a mid-major D1 school, say the 6th place team in the OVC, with a Kenyon, Hopkins, Mary Wash, or Trinity Tx, its not even close. Hopkins or Trinity Tx would absolutely destroy Eastern or Western Illinois, Loyola, MD, La Salle, St Josephs, and lots of other D1 mid majors. In the end, it just comes down to the individual, I just think its a big problem that some of our top talent is brainwashed into the "D1 or nothing" mindset.
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