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Originally Posted by dje31 View Post
Update: follow-up sessions have continued to be positive, though inconclusive as to a final weight. Modded Graphene Instinct Rev is 2.1 oz less than her previous C10 Pros, and she's appreciating the lighter weight, with no joint issues so far.

If she ends up hating it, my son would be more than happy with the hand-me-down. Heck, I could work with it, though I'm not crazy about the beam width. Hasn't been an issue while hitting with it, more just the purist in me.

As an aside, the Graphene Speed Rev would be worthy of a similar experiment. I liked the lower flex compared to the other Speeds, and didn't feel any flutter or instability issues during my demo time.

Just not sure I could live with the PJ. "Hey, you've got Novak's stick!" Silly, trite, meaningless, I know.
The same thing happened to me when I was using the Aerostorm line from Babolat. Darn near same PJ as the APD, but I got the Nadal remark every single time I played someone new LOL!

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