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Originally Posted by OddJack View Post
Now he is complaining that ATP is responsible for his health issues
This guy is too much. I suppose he wants an all-clay ATP season. Haven't they done enough for the whiner by slowing down all the courts? Whose fault is it that he can't finish a point in under 30 shots?

And he thinks by allowing more time in between points it will help his fragile knees?

''People like to see great rallies, long matches, and for that to happen, the 25 seconds are not enough,'' he said. ''If the ATP wants a sport which is faster but doesn't take into consideration a lot of strategy or great rallies, then it's right doing this. I think the players in the locker rooms are not very happy with that rule.'' Really Rafffffaa?

He already takes about 40 seconds on average!

I hope he goes out in the first round in Sao Paulo.
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