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Originally Posted by DaveKB View Post
I am 1969hoo on the Sabre and I love that website. I posted pretty much the same thing there.

I have not seen Ryan Shane or Mac Styslinger play yet, but based on some who have, they both have big games and are very talented. There are some other very good teams this year, but I remain convinced that this year we are just way better than any of them. I freely admit that we were not nearly this good in the last 4/5 years.

Also, it helps that USC's Steve Johnson is no longer around to ruin our seasons. He is now ranked 154 and moving up. I think can reach the top 50 and maybe even higher. I am going to the NCAA's for the 6th straight year and I have never been this optimistic about our chances. You should try to make the trip to Urbana. It is a great event, as long as your team stays alive.
I just read that post on the Sabre before coming here. I thought to myself, this sounds familiar haha. I would've responded on the Sabre, but it gets a bit too saturated with similar responses sometimes.

From what some wrote about Ryan Shane against North Florida, they talked about how big his game was, but how he struggled at times mentally. For me, it's just tough to go into the season completely optimistic about his potential. I could see him like a freshman Shabaz, where it takes longer to develop his big game.

I really wanted to make the trip last year to Athens, but it just didn't work. I've already been talking with some friends about making the trip to Urbana. Hopefully it plays out.
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