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I must commend you on your effort but I must admit I didn't read it. If I were using flying clamp I would use a starting knot to start my crosses. More often than not you are going to lose a lot of tension tying off the top and bottom crosses using a flying clamp. Here is what I would try. Use a starting knot and run in the first two crosses leaving a loop large enough between the first and second cross to tension the top cross. Tension the top cross but don't clamp it. Tis will get some stretch out of the top cross if you leave the tensioner on a few seconds. Then tension the second cross double pulling the top two crosses and clamp.

EDIT: I did go back and read it and what you said will work except for the tension loss from the clamp twisting before you tie off, or from a large distanc e between the top and second cross.
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