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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
He'll never do what's right to keep himself injury free. He is again playing doubles in Brasil, even though he doesn't need to. I have been a fan of this guy for 8 years now and he has always been a bonehead when it comes to taking care of his body with decent scheduling so he doesn't overplay. It's part of the reason his career is over already at just 26 years old.
yes......he's a thickskull when it comes to scheduling........doubles adds nothing to his singles's been proven over and over, yet he never learns........

he easily donated five or more slams to federer and djokovic so far, starting from wimbledon 2007.......
Marian Vajda to Novak Djokovic, "I saw you beat that man like I never saw no man get beat before, and THE MAN KEPT COMING AFTER YOU!"
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