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Originally Posted by corners View Post
It's one of the worst in terms of tension maintenance though.
Im starting to believe

I think this string (Polylon 16) loses the lion' share of its tension almost immediately.

Examples using Raquet Tune----

Strung at 59, an hour or less later it reads 48

Strung at 65, an hour or less later it reads 48

Strung at 67, an hour or less later it reads 48.

In all of these cases, not a ball was struck. thinks me sees a pattern here!

I dont take the strung tension to be a numerical match with the RT tension, but just to be used as a tool to judge drop. Who know....maybe it does drop 15+ lb in a hour!

My desire to string higher has been to experiment with tension maintenance (such that if I start higher, it will presumably play longer in the desired range). For me, I seem to like this string in the 99S frame when it reads 44-45. This string will play a decent amount of time in that range, as in my RT measurements at least, it is a slow drop down from the initial big drop. I think I got ~12 sets out of the last stringbed before it was ~40 on RT, which starts to feel a little too mushy to me.
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