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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Hey I noticed a little throbbing in my elbow last night after hitting. Do you get any "residual" pain from the 99s? I know you have a more sensitive elbow than I do and I was wondering how this frame's stiffness isn't bothering you? This is the first frame I have used full poly with and I think that's the reason. I normally use a 17g copoly/Nvy hybrid, but am using full 16g 4g with my 99s. Are u using full poly?

Also...can you recommend a lower powered, soft copoly for the 99s?
I do use a full bed of poly. I try to use the softer co-polys and string it up a tad lower than I would ideally like. Like you, at times I do feel something in my elbows after a hit. I wouldn't necessarily call it "pain", more like tenderness or an ache. Nothing too bad so far. Good luck to you though!

Jason, TW
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